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Pennant Housing Group (“PHG”) prides itself on collaborating with stakeholders for the common goal of creating a vibrant, sustainable affordable housing community. Public financing resources are scarce, and the key to preserving affordable housing is the leveraging of private capital. PHG is a pioneer of new innovative financing structures which put less strain on public resources.







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Wah Luck House Apartments

Washington, D.C.

Development Services

PHG’s core line of business is to structure the preservation of aging multifamily assets.  Our expertise begins with evaluating the physical needs of the community, sourcing public and private financing resources, continuing through construction monitoring, and concludes with stabilized occupancy.

Investment Management

At PHG, we believe it’s possible to achieve your investment goals while also giving back to the communities in which we live.  Private investors trust in PHG to deliver exceptional investment returns, with risk mitigated strategies, while also fulfilling the societal need of preserving affordable housing.

Asset Management

The key to a successful community comes after the project itself is complete.  PHG provides oversight of the community following stabilization to ensure annual budgets are met, compliance and regulatory objectives are satisfied and exit strategies are implemented.